Currently I research in Information Technology, inside the interdisciplinary field of Computer Aided Diagnosis, Image-based diagnosis and Statistical and Digital Signal Processing. A provisional title for all this research is Computed Aided Diagnosis for the detection of Neurodegenerative Disorders using Medical Imaging.

During this period I have belonged to the Signal Processing and Biomedical Applications (SiPBA) research group, and I have written or contributed to several publications.


Telecommunications Engineer (2005-2010)
  • Grade: 7.225 over 10.
  • Best Final Project award for the work Analysis of SPECT brain images for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease using Factor Analysis and Quadratic Discriminant Functions.
Master on Computer Architecture and Networking (2010-2011)
  • Grade: 9.115 over 10.
  • Final Project: Functional Activity Maps based on Significance Measures and Independent Component Analysis.

My papers

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